Vinny Allen

Vinny Allen

Product Designer in Columbus, OH


I’m a product designer with 9+ years of experience bringing products from zero to millions of people. I'm a builder at heart, a generalist, and driven by data-informed decisions.

I'm drawn to teams working on difficult and meaningful issues, and can frequently be found stepping outside the design role into product management, research, code, writing, or whatever is necessary to bring clarity to a problem.

Previously, I was at Shopify, building the first native return processing offering and one of the world's biggest logistics offerings.



I helped launch customer self-serve returns—a tool to help merchants simplify the returns process, delight customers, and increase repeat purchases.

With customer self-serve returns, merchants can allow their customers to easily request a return through the merchant’s online store. Customers will receive a decision on the return, instructions to return the item, and other updates.


I led design for SFN Returns where our team built a simple, reliable returns solution that offers inspection, restocking, and real-time updates to merchants and customers.

Side Projects


I designed and built an iOS app for creating beer recipes and fermentation tracking using Swift and Node.js that serves as the backend for 3rd party hardware integrations (Tilt Hydrometer, Plaato Airlock etc.)

Work Experience

2021 — 2022
2018 — 2021
Columbus, OH / Remote
2017 — 2018
Columbus, OH / Remote
2015 — 2017
Interactive Designer at SI Marketing
Columbus, OH


2010 — 2014